Yoga can not only improve flexibility but also help improve your muscular endurance, muscular strength, strength throughout the range of movement, cardiovascular health, coordination, mobility and agility. 


Yoga can also help you understand your mental and emotional wellbeing with mindfulness, gratitude, breathwork and meditation.   

Our yoga classes are designed with the martial artist in mind but can benefit everyone.  They primarily follow the yoga style of vinyasa flow, a dynamic, energetic style, and finish with deep stretches and savasana (relaxation).

All yoga classes will now be streamed on Zoom so you can practice in the comfort of your home.

Lifting Barbell

Strength Circle

In our strength circle classes we focus on improving and perfecting the techniques of the common weightlifting exercises. Learning the correct techniques and increasing the weight over time you will build a strong, lean body that will be less likely to injure and increase ease of movement in all aspects of your life.  We all are a supportive and caring community who celebrate everyone's wins along their journeys.